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magic workshops for schools and educational organizations that help kids and teenagers develop creativity and presentation skills

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Why learn magic?

Why learn magic?

Magic requires sleight of hand and digital dexterity. Learning small movements with fingers has a positive effect on the brain.

Although the secret might seem to be very easy, it does require coordination, ability to mirror the actions and to carefully follow the instructions.

Why learn magic?

Motor skills

Magic requires sleight of hand and digital dexterity. Learning small movements with fingers has a positive effect on the brain. Although the secret might seem to be very easy, magic requires coordination, ability to mirror the actions and to carefully follow the instructions.

Public speaking skills

Magic is a great way to practice public speaking skills in a fun way. As adults we all know how difficult it is to give speeches. Magic gives kids have an opportunity to start practicing this skill early and stress free because they will have something amazing to show.

Out-of-the-box thinking & Creativity

Magic is all about finding solutions to apparently impossible problems. How to make a coin disappear? How to find a randomly selected card? Thinking about possible solutions and experimenting gives an opportunity to practice brainstorming and problem-solving skills. Magic also provides endless opportunities for creativity. Starting from creating your own magic words or designing your magic props and finishing with creating your own unique magic show. Unlike playing an instrument, which requires a lot of knowledge to start experimenting, magic gives this chance from the very beginning.

Why learn with Alex?

My name is Alex Romanoff, I am a magician, speaker, art historian and a teacher of magic.

I have more than 10 years of experience performing magic for private and corporate events in Germany and Europe.


I have a background in education and teaching. This, combined with my passion for magic, allowed me to create a unique approach to teaching this performing art. My main objective is to help kids and teenagers to develop creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, empathy and presentation skills.

I graduated with honours from the Moscow State University with a degree in languages and area studies. I taught English and Russian as a foreign language to kids and teenagers in Russia and England for three years and I am familiar with the most modern teaching methods. I am currently finishing my PhD research on the history of magic as an art form.

I am a member of the German Magic Circle - Germany´s main professional organization dedicated to the development of the art of magic.


Projects & Partners

  • European School Frankfurt (2018-current) - weekly workshop

  • Phorms School Taunus (2016-current) - weekly workshop

  • Frankfurt International School (2015-2019) - weekly workshop

  • Evrika Russian School Frankfurt, 2018-2019 - several 3-hour Sunday intensive workshops

  • Istok Russian School Frankfurt, 2015-2019 - performances and workshops during festivals, parties, and events

  • European School Frankfurt, April 2018 - Easter Holiday 5 days magic camp

  • European School Frankfurt, June 2018 - summer fest, 3-hour workshop & stage show

  • Brüder Grimm Schule Mainz, March 2018 - show&workshop (read a press release here)

  • Phorms School Taunus, 2017 - summer 5 days magic camp

  • Phorms School Frankfurt, 2015-2017 - weekly workshop

  • Phorms School Frankfurt, 2015 & 2016 - summer 5 days magic camp

  • International School on the Rhine, 2015, autumn - show & workshop (read a press release here)

Contents of the workshop

Result-oriented practice

Every second kid has a magic kit at home that they hardly ever open. I know it from asking hundreds of my students. This is why my task is not to just give students magic props and reveal secrets. I want kids to actually be able to perform tricks well.


During each workshop we work on three different tricks and illusions that are based on the same principle. The idea is to teach kids to carefully follow the instructions and always keep the desired result in mind. 

Mirror and video camera allow kids to watch and analyze their learning process.

Group work and feedback

Each lesson students have a chance to perform the tricks in pairs and small groups and then in front of the whole group. The students who are spectators also have a very important task - they have to learn to give constructive feedback and help the performer become better. 

Learning more about history and theory 

There is a special part in every lesson during which kids either do a short and fun quiz about the history of magic and magicians or watch a performance of a famous magician and then discuss it. It allows to teach students more about magic, history of theatre and performing arts. 

Rehearsing & Performing a show

Students are encouraged to demonstrate their tricks at home. If there is a possibility, I organize a show at school where each participant performs one trick. It gives students a real-life experience of performing in front of an audience.

Feedback from parents

"My daughter V. is in your class and she has been really enjoying this class. We are quite impressed with what she has learned so far"


"My son gets much inspiration in your class, and magic really means a lot to him. He does it most of his free time after school"


"My son G. really loves magic and performs it at every family party we have. Nowadays it is sometimes hard to get kids interested in something so I am happy that he enjoys magic"


"Leon has been loving magic club, and I've been very impressed when he's shown us his tricks"

We can not publish all fotos and videos from workshops without a permission from the parents. So here are just a few pictures from Alex performing and teaching his magic.


If you represent a school or an educational organization, I would be happy to offer you different programs and workshops. I am happy to discuss your needs and to offer you a personalized option. I can also offer training for teachers who would like to include some magic lessons in their program.

Here are three standard types of workshops that I do.

show and workshop

2 to 4 hours activity that includes a performance by Alex followed by an intensive and fun workshop.

I offer my interactive magic show and workshop for summer fests, Halloween parties, school assemblies, corporate family days. 

The exact program is to be discussed individually for every occasion.

Regular workshop

Workshop as part of an after-school activities program. The class is taught on a weekly basis during the school year. Students start with the basics and gradually improve their skills.

Group size:

8 to 12 students.

Age groups:



Magic camp

1 week intensive holiday program with a performance at the end of the week.


3-5 days

3-6 hours of classes and fun activities every day

10-30 kids

(if there are more than 12 students, an assistant is needed)

Contact us

for all enquiries please send me an email to

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